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Cancel the panic on this
"When Panties Are Outlawed,
Only Outlaws Will Have Panties"
Turns out, he really IS an outlaw!
(But who among us hasn't, at one time or another, succumbed?)

But it's perfect timing for the introduction of our newest feature

Ask Van & Olga


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Slip Stories

Men in Panties Stories
Models needed

The World's FIRST

Minnesota--Land of 10,000 Panties?
The Tontine

Philosophical Musings
on Panties
by "Woody"

Self-Serving Account of an E-Mail Exchange
with Dave The SlipLover

A Reader's Panty Philosophy

Panty Story # 1
Nurse's Van Raalte SHEERIOS Brief Story by Young Man

Panty Story # 2
Forced to Wear Mom's Briefs After Accident, Panty Filching

Panty Story # 3
Windblown Skirts Revealing Panties, Panty Loving Session

Panty Story # 4
College Laundry Room Panty Filching, Panty Loving Session

Panty Story # 5
Anonymous Woman Offers Panty Show, and Her Used Panties

Panty Story # 6
Blind Date Panty Loving Story

Panty Story # 7
Panty Flashing at the Airport, Panty Loving on the Plane

Panty Story # 8
Young Man's True Story of First Time Panty Experience With Mom's Panties

Panty Story # 9
At the Lingerie Store

Panty Story # 10
Young Man baby-sits, rifles Panty Drawer; gets a Show

Panty Story # 11
Man Gets Date with Waitress, Makes Out, Filches Panties

Panty Story # 12
FIVE- Shorter Stories
- At a Relative's House, Searching the Hamper
- Paper Boy's Reward
- Strawberries from the Clothes Line
- Filching Sis's and Mom's Panties
- Aunties Panties I & II

Panty Story # 12-A
FIVE More Shorter Stories
- More Sister Panty Tease
- Wearing Panties at the Swimming Pool
- Girlfriend's Mom's Panties
- Caught with Aunties Panties
- The Drawer

Panty Story # 13
Wife is Accomplice in Panty-Filching from Her Girlfriend!
[ I'm beginning to notice a pattern here ]

Panty Story # 14
Stock-Boy in a Victoria's Secret

Panty Story # 15
Silly Little Surreal Pink Panty Talking Cat Story
"The Pink Pantied Meter Reader"

Panty Story # 16
Letters from London
Swapping Wives' Panties

Panty Story # 17
Big Panties
(SHE Fostered His Appreciation of Briefs,
Panty Flirting at Work)

Panty Story # 18
On a Meadow... with Yellow... Daisies?

Panty Story # 19
Juice, Panties and Gina

Panty Story # 20
Caught in Panties

Panty Story # 21
Caught with Neighbor's Wife's Panties

Panty Story # 22
He Loves Wearing Panties, got caught, humiliated

Panty Story # 23
Guys' Panty Party in a Chicago Condo

Panty Story # 24
"Subliminal Sales" - Exploring Your Other Side

Panty Story # 25
Pleasant Surprise at the Lingerie Counter

Panty Story # 26
Foster Sister Panty Tease & Forced Wearing

Panty Story # 27
Likes To Steal Cotton Panties

Panty Story # 28
Understanding Panty-Love in the Far, Far North

Panty Story # 29
Our Northerner Shops for Panties & Bras--With Help!

Panty Story # 30

Panty Story # 31
More Recollections

Panty Story # 32
Panty Thief Grad School

Panty Story # 33

Panty Story # 34
Adventures with Sister's baby-doll Nylon Panties

Panty Story # 35
Skid Marks!

Panty Story # 36
"Dianne's Panties"
Was it a panty raid or something else?
-Changed Vacation Plans

Panty Story # 37
Not TOO Humiliating!

Panty Story # 38

Panty Story # 39
Jean's Panties-Night Clothesline Fun

Panty Story # 40
Jacking Off On Her In Her Panties

Panty Story # 41
Sister's Rage

Panty Story # 42
Life Is Good!

Panty Story # 43

Panty Story # 44
Store's Used Panties

Panty Story # 45
Drawers, Clotheslines and Laundry

Panty Story # 46
The Ride

Panty Story # 47
What a Sis!

Panty Story # 48
At the Hospital

Panty Story # 49
My Friend's Wife's Panties

Panty Story # 50
Leanne's Panties

Panty Story # 51
Exploring a Strange Panty Drawer Under his Wife's Orders

Panty Story # 52
Initiating His Friend

Panty Story # 53
Grad School, Pt. Deux

Panty Story # 54
First Panty Experience

Panty Story # 55
Miss My Nurse Mistress

Panty Story # 56

Panty Story # 57
Kristen's Panties

Panty Story # 58
Mom's Panties

Panty Story # 59
Girlfriend's Mom's Panties

Panty Story # 60
Soiling Mother-in-law's Underwear

Panty Story # 61
Rescued My Mistress

Panty Story # 62
Girlfriend's Friend—BUSTED!

Panty Story # 63
Motel Room Panty Sniffer

Panty Story # 64
Panties in the Navy

Panty Story # 65
Having an Accomplice

Panty Story # 66
Angry Sis

Panty Story # 67

Panty Story # 69

Panty Story # 70
Dragons, Dragons Everywhere

Panty Story # 71
I Was a Teen-Age Panty Thief

Panty Story # 72
With Mom's Approval—In Rayons

Panty Story # 73

the Panty-Girdle Gift (two Letters)

Panty Story # 74
Winnie's Panties

Panty Story # 75
Panties of Friends

Panty Story # 76
Laundry Rooms

Panty Story # 77
In the Bathroom—While She's Outside!

Panty Story # 78
Thong of Silence

Panty Story # 79
Kristin's Panties

Panty Story # 80
Girl's Swimsuit

Panty Story # 81
Dressed by My Sister

Panty Story # 82
My Mother's Panty Girdle

Panty Story # 83
The Panty Thief Goes to College

Panty Story # 84
My Turning Point

Panty Story # 85
Wife Likes to Lick Her Crusty Panty Crotch During Sex

Panty Story # 86
How It Started

Panty Story # 87
Mother-In-Law's Girdle & Panty Passion

Panty Story # 88
Campus Thongs

Panty Story # 89
Panties In The Night

Panty Story # 90
My Secret Life

Panty Story # 91
House-Sitting Sissy

Panty Story # 92
"The Magic Panties"—Trapped in the Body...

Panty Story # 93
How It Began

Panty Story # 94
In the Tube

Panty Story # 95
Can't Stop It

Panty Story # 96
The Life of a Happily Married Pantywhore

Panty Story # 97
Sister-In-Law Panty-Humping

Panty Story # 98
Man's Best Friend

Panty Story # 99
On a Business Trip
[see follow-up in "Van & Olga's Case #35   ]

Panty Story # 100
The Photograph

Panty Story # 101
Dime Store Panties

Panty Story # 102
Mother-In-Law's AND Sister-In-law's Panties!

Panty Story # 103
Hooker's Panties

Panty Story # 104
Panties on the Job

Panty Story # 105
Step-Mommy Dearest

Panty Story # 106
Dog-sitting for the Neighbors

Panty Story # 107
Response to Van & Olga's Case 15

Panty Story # 108
New Panty Slave

Panty Story # 109
Another Mother's Panties

Panty Story # 110
Garter Belt Christmas

Panty Story # 111
Summer of Panties

Panty Story # 112
Busted in the Laundry Room

Panty Story # 113
Panty Therapist

Panty Story # 114
Further Adventures in Panty Therapy

Panty Story # 115
Safe Sex with Panties

Panty Story # 116
Best Friend's Mom

Panty Story # 117
A Night To Remember

Watching Panties Dry

more Panty Stories



"A Bit of Lace is So Subversive"
                                   --Susie Bright

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Slip Story # 1
Initiated by His Sister; Slip Groping in the Cinema

Slip Story # 2
High-School Senior Classmates Make Out in the Car;
Girls Suffer Uniform "Inspection"

Slip Story # 3
Seducing Her Instructor with Her Silky Slips

Slip Story #4A
Wife Tries to Catch Cheating Slip-Fancying Husband

Slip Story #4B
Bridesmaids' Slip Party and
Wife Gets Revenge wth Private Detective in Silky Slip Orgy

Slip Story #5
Young Man Gets Spanked and a Show

Slip Story #6
With a Hotel Maid in Spain

Slip Story #7
Recollections--Your Slip Is Showing

Slip Story #8
The Patient

Slip Story #9
The Teacher

Slip Story #10
The Move

Slip Story #11
Cindy's Slips

Slip Story #12
The Lady in Red

Slip Story #13
How I Came to Love Slips

Slip Story #14
Late At Night In The Department Store

Slip Story #15
Mother-In-Law's Slips

Slip Story #16
One Night In Athens...

Slip Story #17
Memories of My Prom
by Kymberley

Slip Story # 18
House Sitting Neighbor's Slips
—and Sister

Slip/Panty Story
Discovering the Joys

Slip/Panty Story
Follow-Up To Slip Story #15

Slip Story # 19
The Third Daughter

Slip Story # 20
The Neighbor's Lingerie Drawer

Slip Story # 21
Erotic Memories of an Office Co-Worker

Panty Story # 158
White After Labor Day

Slip Story # 22
Our First Men-in-Slips Story:
Shopping for Slips

Slip Story # 23
Men-in-Slips Story:
My Sister's Slip

Slip Story # 24
Men-in-Slips Story:
Fluffy Slip;
Stuffed Animal

Story # 173
"There Ain't No Such Thing As A Free Lunch"
A Letter from a Blind Slip-Lover
and Bill's Responses (and a Rant)

Slip Story # 25
Silky Nylon, Sticky Cum

Story # 206
Panty & Slip Story

Slip and Panty Story # 26
My Date With Sally

Slip and Panty Story # 27
Another Date With Sally

Slip Story # 28
Men-in-Slips Story:
Shopping for a Half-Slip

Slip Story # 29
Men-in-Slips Story:
Slip Shopping Again

Ooops! I was rummaging through
the computer and found some old
unpublished stories.
My apologies to the authors!

Slip Story # 30
The Office Manager

Slip Story # 31
Men-in-Slips Story:
Slip Shopping Again

Panty Story # 276
Men in Panties and Slips Story:
The Girls in the Office

Panty Story # 295
Men in Panties and Slips Story

Panty Story # 314
Men in Panties and Slips Story:
Lingerie Shopping

Slip Story # 32
Black Slips

Slip Story # 33
The Bride

Slip Story # 34
My Son’s Teacher

Slip Story # 35
Mrs. Summer's Slips

Slip Story # 36
The Roomate

Slip Story # 37
The Psychiatrist

Slip Story # 38
The Psychiatrist Pt. II

Slip Story # 39
The Flight

Slip Story # 40
Former Roomie Returns for a Visit

Panty & Slip Story # 360
Panty and Slip Massage

Slip Story # 41
Office Slip Tease

Slip Story # 42
The Twins

Panty & Slip Story # 369
How It Started

Slip Story # 43
My First With a Slip

Slip Story # 44
The Dance

Slip Story # 45
Slips in Paris

Slip Story # 46
A Lesson With Mrs. Rumsey

Slip & Panty Story # 47
Mrs. Rumsey’s Visitor

Slip Story # 48
'New Slip Story'

Slip & Panty Story # 49
My Friend's Mother

Slip & Panty Story # 50
Frat House, "Slip Raid"


more Panty Stories


Submit your letters or panty stories by e-mail. If I like 'em they will be published here and in the News Groups
All Stories and Letters submitted remain the Property of the Author—we don't wanna' own them. But, by the Act of Submitting them, you automatically Warrant that you are the Copyright Holder and that you Authorize me to publish them.

The World's FIRST


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