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Adventures with Sister's baby-doll Nylon Panties

I was about 14 or 15 years of age and regularly jacking off nearly every other night, into various cotton handkerchiefs and old discarded undies (mostly my old cotton full jocks). Nothing spectacular, but better than beating into a boring fist (at least Iíd evolved from wanking in my PJ bottoms by humping my pillow in bed at night). Certainly my masturbation-life could do with a lift.

Then one day, my sister Kim, who still shared my room (partitioned off, but the same room nonetheless), had her shower early in the evening, and emerged from the bathroom wearing the most beautiful little baby doll nightie Iíd ever laid eyes on. A shiny, soft nylon powder blue camisole with matching panties. The panties had a frill at the edges, while the camisole had a girly fairy motif on the front. The camisole only came down to the hip and revealed the panties in all their splendour on my sisterís barely pubescent body.

I could barely contain my longing and fascination for this lovely soft intimate sleepwear. I tried to keep my cool and act nonchalant as Kim moved about the lounge room. As she walked, the shiny nylon rippled across her arse cheeks and the folds in the camisole. I started to fantasise about how it would feel if my cock could come in contact with those beautiful panties and cami. My sister appeared totally impervious to my yearning glances. I started to scheme ... how can I get my hands on this nightie set? Since she wore them to bed that night and for the rest of the week, I had no opportunity to help myself to the lovely cami and briefs. I certainly did conjure up the image of the lovely soft material stretched across my sister's butt while I wanked into boring cotton handkerchiefs all that week, which provided some temporary relief!

However, the following week Kim wore some other boring alternative to bed, which meant that the heavenly baby-doll nightie was now accessible! I waited until Kim had gone to bed that night, and when satisfied that she was soundly asleep, I carefully opened the partition between our halves of the bedroom, and crept over to her chest of drawers, and slowly and gingerly opened the top draw where I knew she kept her underwear. In the dim light of my bedside lamp I could just make out her varied knickers in a variety of fabrics and colours, there were some very delicious nylon panties there I admit, but I was not to be deflected from my search for the ultimate prize. After carefully lifting things and searching I couldnít find the baby doll set. Slowly I closed the top draw and repeated the process with the next draw down. Nothing! I was close to despair, frustrated beyond imagining when I suddenly realised that she may have thrown the baby doll in the laundry hamper, or worse, kept it in some ultimately inaccessible spot in her wardrobe in which a surreptitious search would produce far too much noise and awaken her.

However, on opening the third draw down, I noticed in one corner, partially obscured by a folded-up dressing gown, a hint of powder blue, shiny even in the faint light. At last! My efforts rewarded. I carefully noted the position and method the cami and panties were folded in the draw, then reached in and slowly retrieved the panties from within the cami. I felt a warmth creep into my loins as I held the exquisitely soft nylon panties between my trembling fingers. Ohhh, soft beyond my expectations. I carefully and noiselessly slid the draw shut, and with my forbidden booty, repaired to my half of the room and slid the partition closed. My sister made a muffled grunt. I held my breath ... phew, she was still asleep, thank God!

Safely in my side of the room, I drew closer to my bedside lamp and studied the panties with almost reverent care. They were made from (I believe) a type of super-soft, smooth tricot-nylon that is no longer manufactured due to flammability restrictions enforced on such sleepwear these days. I brought the panties to my face and rubbed them over my lips and nose and cheeks. Ohhhh, they were so incredibly soft. Unlike most panties, the inside appeared to be just as soft as the outside, which made my prick firmer at the prospect of it.

I quickly pulled down my pyjama shorts, and wasted no time in wrapping the panties about my cock shaft. Almost immediately I gave a start as I was unprepared for the euphoria from contact with these panties. I had the back of the panties wrapped against the sensitive underside of my prick, and folded the remaining material about the top. Gripping firmly I rubbed the panties up and down my knob and had to stifle the moan of ecstasy that inadvertently escaped my lips. I didnít want to awaken Kim with my newly acquired wanking prize. I lay on the bed and deliriously continued to beat into the panties, slowly at first then increasing in speed as the wonderfully soft nylon caressed my yearning cock. I reluctantly paused as I realised the pleasure was dangerously more intense than I had expected.

I put aside the panties, took a deep breath, counted to ten and put back on my shorts, my engorged prick tenting them. I then flipped my prick up towards my belly under the cotton of my shorts, checked the panties for pre-cum then carefully slipped the panties inside. I faced the back of the panties against my upraised shaft, while the triangle of the garment was oriented upright so the gusset was level with my scrotum. I then proceeded to rub the outside of my panty-enhanced shorts, palm down. Pressing firmly I rubbed the delicious panties inside my PJs, slipping them up and down my cock shaft, almost drunk with the pleasure of finally having these panties for myself to actually fuck. I could feel the soft nylon crotch lapping at my balls with every down-stroke. Slowly the all-too familiar sensation of orgasm was nearing so I suddenly stopped and pulled the panties free of my PJ bottoms. Waiting a little while, and breathing deeply to relieve my penile tension I then shucked off my shorts once more, my hardon still strong and longing for release after such heavenly panty humping.

I realised I could never experience the ultimate pleasure of cumming in the panties since I had no way of washing and drying them without my sharp-eyed mother detecting such an activity. I feared the sweet pale blue fabric would display the cum stains all too clearly, no matter how I persisted in trying to wipe it away. Sighing, I resigned myself to enjoying the pleasure of wanking just short of orgasm with the lovely panties. Still, there was one more forbidden thrill I was yet to experience: I had not even tried them on for size yet (shame on me for not trying it sooner!)

Turning the panties front-to-back, I stepped into the wonderful garment, one foot then the next, then almost breathless with anticipation pulled them up as far as they would go. The smaller fit for my sister meant that they bound my loins very snugly. But what a sensation! With my prick turned upwards inside the back of them, the panties just fitted and encased my shaft and balls, while the panty front impersonated a G-string and triangled my arse cheeks so delightfully. I cupped my pantied prick with my right hand and rubbed it through the silky soft nylon. I had a small mirror in my room, I positioned it so I could just frame the reflection of my pantied torso. How erotic it looked! I almost wanted to be a clone of myself so I could rub my cock against this pantied vision! The wonderful sheen of the blue nylon stretched over my dick and buttocks almost made me shoot my load there and then! I continued to rub the front of the panties imparting the most wonderful sensations to my genitals. I shimmied and started to grind my hips while I rubbed. Faster and faster my hand moved against the panties. It was true ... the inside layer of nylon in the panties were just as wonderfully soft as the outside. I knew I had to stop since I could not bear to take the chance and explode inside the lovely little knickers from heaven. Ohhh ... it would be sooo wonderful to enjoy that feeling of going all the way (one day I promised myself ... one day).

I stopped rubbing and reluctantly pulled the panties down and took them off. The nylon felt so hot from my fevered manhandling! But my timing couldn't be better as I noticed with horror that a small ooze of pre-cum had appeared on my knob-end. I peered closely at the inside back of the panties searching feverishly for any tell-tale wet spots. Fortunately, I removed the panties in time - there were no stains, only a lone pube caught in the frilly lace of the gusset edge (which I removed since this was just as condemning since my sister had no pubes whatsoever!)

My prick screamed for release after such hitherto unfelt stimulation, but I so badly wanted to experience cumming in the soft nylon that I decided to sacrifice a pair of my cotton jockey undies. The cotton was quite soft - not in the same way as nylon of course, but my waiting prick was not to be delayed anymore! So I pulled on my undies, back-to-front to better contain my nice hard cock. I flipped my aching member to the north once more, and placing the panties this time on the outside of the cotton underpants, and rubbed my cock through my undies with the erotic sensation of the nylon panties against my palm. This almost made me believe that the other side of the nylon was actually against my cock shaft. In this fashion I rubbed about 5 or 6 more strokes and letting out a long low moan, gratefully exploded inside my old cotton underpants. I kneaded my shaft through the soft nylon against my fingers. The orgasm was so good that I kept rubbing and bucking so my now-saturated cock was swimming in spunk in my now-unusable undies.

I let out a long sigh as I bucked my hips in ecstasy and feeling the cum hot on my stomach I remembered with a jolt to quickly whisk away the lovely forbidden stolen panties away from the surface of my cotton undies in fear that the cum would leak through, and leave a tell-tale yellow stain on the nylon. Again I was lucky - there was no stain to be seen.

I plopped the panties - back first - onto my face and deeply inhaled the musk of orgasm. Feeling the beautiful nylon against my lips I lingered like this for a few minutes, savouring one of my best wanks in months. Eventually, I removed my sodden jockeys and balled them up in a corner of my draw - resolving to toss them in the garbage next morning ... they had served their purpose well! The lovely soft blue nylon panties on the other hand, were reluctantly folded carefully and returned to their exact position in Kim's draw. Their services would be called upon the following evening, and for countless evenings after that!


Well dear reader, you can imagine that these panties and accompanying camisole were the subject of my most taboo-laden erotic fantasies for the next 3 or 4 years. Never once did they directly receive the wetness of my loving. Until ....

I became aware that Kim had outgrown many of her clothes, and better still — her underwear. I watched one day as she and mum went through her draws and tossed into it what seemed like an unending purging of (to her!) unneeded panties. My cock surged as I watched the silky lovelies being unceremoniously tossed into the large plastic bag. What hours of pleasure those 'unwanted' items would provide me. And without any guilt whatsoever I could shoot my load gratefully into their soft gussets and satiny panels.

The bag of panties (which - you guessed it - included the heavenly blue nylon panties) was then stowed in an inaccessible place. I bided my time until one day I had the place to myself and quickly grabbed the bag and rushed with it back to my bedroom. I stripped off my jeans and undies, and up-ended the bag of forbidden delights onto my greedy loins. I pressed a handful of panties into my face and inhaled deeply. Mmmm, the aroma was wonderful! I was delirious with panty-lust as I slid and rubbed the luscious soft assortment of nylon briefs and bikinis all over my rapidly stiffening penis. The very thought that I could simply keep rubbing into them until orgasm and not have to whip them away at the last moment was truly intoxicating. Ahhh, what a panty paradise I would make of my nightly wanks now!

However, I slowed down my rubbing and considered: I should conserve my panty pleasure and carefully ration which pair would receive my load. After all, it was not possible for me to wash any of them once soiled, and to trade their heavenly smooth softness with the crinkled leatheriness that would ultimately ensue from weeks and months of being jacked-off into. My prick twitched under the bundle of panties, eagerly awaiting further pleasure. I thought, I've waited too long for this moment and I will not be denied the luxury of cumming into at least one pair of soft nylon panties. I quickly took stock: there were at about 10 pairs of panties in total. I thought twice about the heavenly pale blue pair, but decided to save them for later. From the silky pile I picked out a pair of little white nylon panties with a red trim on the legging and waistband. A little floral motif was on the front. I noticed and picked up an identical pair with a green trim. My cock had started to wilt while I was agonising over my big decision, but this condition quickly disappeared as I held the backs of the two panties against my shaft - green pair in front, red pair behind - and slowly rubbed them up and down my cock. Mmmmm ... the feeling was electric. My groin seem to resonate with jolts of pleasure as the soft nylon glided across the flesh of my penis. I stroked my pantied cock faster as my eye wandered over my beautiful forbidden cache of panties. The pleasure mounted as I drank in the sight of the soon-to-be enjoyed shiny nylon panties in such colours as gold-brown, red, cream, white and of course the pale blue pair, their silky folds catching the light. So intense was my desire that this last image sent me over the edge ... with a groan my climax took me completely off-guard as, gasping, I shot a double load of semen into my two soft white nylon panties. The orgasm was even more beautiful than I could have imagined. My prick seemed to quiver with the double pleasure of the lovely panties which until a few moments ago had never experienced cum.

I can't tell you how wonderful it was to simply lay on my bed with my prick still oozing gism encased in a pair of the softest female undergarments I have ever known. Going 'all the way' with my forbidden panties was a luxury I marveled at. This was the way all panties should be enjoyed, I thought as I dabbed at the end of my knob with the cotton gusset of one of the panties. I returned all the panties to the bag once more, stashing it under my chest of drawers (there was some space under the bottom draw which would evade detection for many years and become my treasured cache of nylon sin!)

Later that night, my thoughts naturally went to the pale blue baby-doll panties that I had seen my sister wear and which had inflamed my desire so long ago. I had put off what I had termed 'the ultimate wank' for too long. Even after my exhausting double-panty pleasure earlier that day my yearning for rubbing against soft nylon panties hadn't dimmed. The thought of finally and properly fucking the pale-blue panties excited me beyond compare. I removed my bottom draw and pulled out my panty stash bag. I opened the bag and breathed in the aroma of panties soiled with dried spunk (what a lovely combination: dried cum and nylon!)

I picked out the lovely pale-blue panties and immediately wrapped them around my engorged prick. Oh God I thought, this is going to be exquisite! Sighing and moaning, I beat into the soft nylon, in no time feeling the impending orgasm ... I thought it would be fitting to spunk into these panties whilst wearing them. I reluctantly pulled them away from my highly-aroused cock and, stepping into them I pulled them on back-to-front, feeling the silky nylon tightly binding my upraised cock to my belly, I continued to rub the front (which was really the 'back') of the panties thrilling my quivering shaft with exquisite sensations as the slippery fabric caressed my sensitive cock underside and glans. This was it! After only 6 or 7 nice and deliberately slow strokes of my knob against the inside of the panties I felt a wave of heat engulf me ... rubbing faster I felt my cum suddenly flood against the little puckered waistband of the panties, and dribble down the front and eventually into the cotton gusset as I continued to wank my cock into the soft nylon. They were nicely drenched as it seemed I ejaculated all the pent-up semen from every denied wanking fantasy I ever had for these panties. I was moaning so loudly I was almost certain my sister stirred across the room! These little pale-blue nylon panties with the pretty frill at the leggings and waistband were finally consummated.

The irony, I thought, my sister discarded these sweet panties on the basis that they outlived their usefulness ... how little she knew of the fevered desires of men and their panty-cravings and nylon-lust!! I was to keep those panties and camisoles, dear reader, long after I moved away from home and my sister had grown up and had kids of her own. They served me well for many a long year before I finally discarded them, along with many others — the soft nylon almost worn threadbare after being rubbed a hundred thousand strokes up and down my prick (you could almost make out the permanent impression of the stroking path of my dick in the fabric!) ... after soaking up probably a hundred litres of semen in their time (the pale blue nylon had permanently discoloured to yellow just under the waistband — my particular favourite place where I loved to cum when these panties were wrapped about my cock). The elastic waistband had long stretched to accommodate the hundreds of times I wore them and had the lovely nylon stretched tightly across my butt. The girly motif on the matching pale blue shiny nylon camisole had even been rubbed off by my merciless humping when I used to lay it out across the bed and jack into it!

I hope you enjoyed my adventures with the pale-blue baby-doll nylon panties as much as I enjoyed fucking and wearing them.


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